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2013-09-26 20:11:58 by Qyue

I am now also on Soundcloud, at

Bye Futurama

2013-09-04 21:45:04 by Qyue

Thanks for the air and whatnot.

More Hypnotoad Dubstep

2013-08-15 00:16:04 by Qyue

To me, it seems like dubstep has been gradually losing its pizzazz lately, and more people liked my Hypnotoad dubstep than I ever expected, so I am considering making one final dubstep song--another Hypnotoad song, this one hopefully of better quality than my previous one. So this is just a heads up of what is to come, and I hope as many people like my next Hypnotoad dubstep song as like my previous one.


2012-01-01 00:05:26 by Qyue



2011-08-02 10:12:27 by Qyue

That was another snail.

I have gotten all the medals from snailiad BUT ONE! I still have yet to obtain the explorer medal, but my map is completely full and I only have 99% map! I have been to both snelk rooms, the shrine of isis, the rest of the ??? area, the super secret boomerang room, and I have gotten 100% items 5 times.

What up with that?

So leave a comment if you know what up with that, because I could really use a spoiler just about now.



2011-07-07 17:27:43 by Qyue

By the way, the thing that I wrote above was supposed to be a snail.
The game snailiad is good. Play it. Do it.


Broken Remix

2011-06-16 17:25:47 by Qyue

Hey everyone.
If you liked my song broken, then I think you should check out the remix.
It's called Broken J-Ster-Remix.
Czech it out!